Maia Sosa Kapur

Maia Sosa Kapur

PhD Candidate & Research Mathematical Statistician

University of Washington & Alaska Fisheries Science Center (NOAA)


I am currently both a federal Research Mathematical Statistician at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center (NOAA, Seattle) and a PhD Candidate at the School of Aquatic and Fisheries Science at the University of Washington in the Punt Lab. My research is supported by a NMFS-Sea Grant Population Dynamics Fellowship. Previously I worked as an Assessment Specialist at the Joint Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Research at PIFSC (NOAA) in Honolulu and completed my MSc at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology. I have also worked in the Florida Keys and studied at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Bocas Del Toro, Panama while completing my BSc in Environmental Science at UC Berkeley.


  • Fisheries Stock Assessment
  • Management Strategy Evaluation
  • Spatial Methods
  • Environmental Data Science


  • PhD in Fisheries Sciences, Ongoing

    University of Washington

  • MSc in Marine Biology, 2016

    University of Hawaii

  • BSc in Environmental Science, 2014

    University of California, Berkeley

Recent Posts

How I Keep Up With the Literature

My lab recently had a meeting where we discussed the nuts & bolts of performing a peer-review for a journal article, which got everyone talking about their preferred methods of reading a scientific paper.

How Do Recruitment Deviates Work?

For an in-depth description of the theory and math behind recruitment deviations in assessment models, check out Methot, R.D., Taylor, I.G., Chen, Y., 2011. Adjusting for bias due to variability of estimated recruitments in fishery assessment models.

Why do we use ln(19)?

Have you ever noticed that sneaky \(log(19)\) in your logistic equation for maturity or selectivity? What is up with that? Let’s take the example of a basic selectivity-at-age function, which uses the parameters \(a_{50}\) and \(a_{95}\).

How I studied for my PhD General Exam

I am finally a PhD Candidate! You may want to check out my “How I studied for my PhD Quals” post, which detailed my prep for a 5-day written examination I took in December.

Some Algebra for Equilibrium Recruitment

I often find myself revisiting the various “re-arrangements” of the Beverton-Holt stock-recruitment relationship, particularly when moving between equilibrium quantities. I wanted to centralize some algebra for myself and anyone else who uses this relationship regularly.

Recent & Upcoming Talks

Maia S Kapur General Exam, 02 June 2020

Overview of Doctoral Dissertation Proposal

Sneaking Up on a Well-Specified Model; Quantitative Seminar, May 15, 2020

The fourth chapter of my disseration, 1 year after presenting the project proposal at Think Tank. The code is still private as we are nearing submission for peer-preview, but will be released ASAP.

Operating Model for Pacific Sablefish Transboundary MSE

Overview of draft operating model for NE Pacific Sablefish Management Strategy Evaluation, presented to my team during the week of Apr 27, 2020.